Creating wealth through healthy soils

The THUNDERRIPPER ® has been engineered in consultation with croppers and agronomists across Australia. Soil compaction is an ongoing and common problem in our farming systems and can have a significant impact on yields if not addressed.

Engineered and made in Australia, the THUNDERRIPPER ® suits farmers looking for a cost effective, deep ripping solution to maximise yield potential.

The THUNDERRIPPER® is a heavy duty Ripper, built to shatter compacted soils. It is fitted with tines that reach deep into hard pans to break up and lift soils, allowing room for plant development, nutrient and moisture entry, and accumulation of organic materials.

The range of options available make it simple to tailor it to your farming system and soil type.

NEW – THUNDERRIPPER ® with Hydraulic Tines

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The K-Line Ag THUNDERRIPPER has a variety of advantages to help address current issues in many farming operations. Features include:

  • Heavy duty tines with a shear-pin system. These tines rip to a depth of approx. 450-500mm. They reach deep into hard pans to break up & lift soils, allowing room for plant development, nutrient & moisture entry, and accumulation of organic materials
  • Adjustable knifing roller. Excellent for one-pass operations, this roller fluffs and conditions the soil, breaking up any clods left by the tines. This provides a conditioned soil profile for excellent moisture penetration and retention
  • Optional depth gauge wheels
  • 680mm underframe clearance
  • Multiple configurations available, to suit your operation! The ThunderRipper™ comes in 3 Point Linkage, Trailing Rigid and Trailing Folding models,  with operating widths from 2.5-6m
  • Optional tyne spacings available to suit your operation and soil type
  • Extremely robust construction with heavy duty main frame members (150 x 150 x 9mm)
Optional frame width 4.5m and 6m Models available
9 tyne to 13 tyne combinations
Heavy duty hydraulic tines Heavy duty hydraulic tines with adjustable breakout pressure
Heavy duty Ripper leg Heavy duty cast leg with tungsten point and replaceable shinguards
Ideal for ripping hardpans to 450
Adjustable knifing roller Heavy duty adjustable knifing roller for soil conditioning and clod busting
Ideal for leaving a level finish and reducing moisture loss and soil erosion
Narrow transport width Ideal for road transport and narrow gates
No escort needed
3.5m road transport
High underframe 500mm underframe clearance allows better flow of trash /residue through the machine
Extremely robust construction Heavy duty main frame (150 x 150 x 9mm) gives strength and durability
Heavy duty wheel equipment for depth control – 425/65R x 22.5

creating wealth through healthy soils!

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3400D 3PL 2.5m-6m 2.5m-6m 200-450 standard 5-13 Shearpin 325mm & 500-550mm* 425/65R22.5
3445R Trailing non-fold 4.5m 4.5m 360-400 standard 9-13 Shearpin 410mm & 500mm 425/65R22.5
3460R Trailing non-fold 6m 6m 400-500 standard 11-13 Shearpin 462mm & 550mm 425/65R22.5
3445P Trailing, folding 4.5m 3.5m 300-400 standard 9-11 3445P Hydraulic 410mm & 500mm 425/65R22.5
3460P Trailing, folding 6m 3.5m 400-500 standard 11-13 3460P Hydraulic 462mm & 550mm 425/65R22.5

*3400D spacing is machine size dependent, contact K-Line Ag for specific machine spacing.
These specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Interested in maximising your yield potential? Get in touch with our sales team on 1800 194 131, to find out more about the ThunderRipper™ and how it can help your operation!

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