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The Speedtiller® Powerflex™ proving it's flexibility



David McMillan talks about using his Speedtiller & MaxxRipper to combat plough pans & get his soil to the right consistency and balance

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Reliable, Efficient Agricultural Equipment from K-Line Agriculture

Sustainable, innovative and farmer-inspired solutions — at K-Line Agriculture, we are committed to producing high-quality farm equipment in Australia, rooted in our background as multi-generational farmers.

We have a long tradition of in-field experience, which gives us a first-hand account of the challenges that farmers face. We understand that you need cost-effective solutions that are both reliable and add value to your yield.

K-Line Agriculture’s innovations stem from listening to the concerns of farmers. Every piece of machinery we design, build and test always puts your needs first. Our tillage equipment is designed to be simple, efficient, and durable — resulting in advanced agri-tech solutions that work for you.

Advanced Agri-tech Solutions

Maybe you’re struggling with an increasing amount of residue and trash due to GM crops. Maybe you’re having a hard time with chemical resistant weeds. Or how about inefficient disc-tillage tools that require multiple passes to create adequate seedbeds? As farming evolves, its demand becomes greater and greater.

That’s why we’re here.

Our farm machinery combines advanced engineering with innovative design. Durable and robust, our products are built to withstand the harshest conditions.

The Speedtiller® is a high-performing dual purpose disc-tilling machine used for soil conditioning with superior penetration. It can efficiently cut, size and incorporate high levels of crop residue, which increases the carbon content of your soil. Soil erosion from wind and water is drastically reduced by the Speedtiller’s® excellent incorporation ability. It handles heavy residue with ease, moves the dirt of an offset, and is an excellent finishing tool for levelling and one pass seedbed preparation.

K-Line Ag manufactures a range of agricultural equipment that is cost-effective, efficient and reliable. This includes the CropCommander®, Trashcutter™, Hay Rakes and Harrows; each one offering precision engineering and reliable performance.

Hard work builds great machines. Plain and simple. But there’s nothing plain and simple about how we do it. We get out there. We roll up our sleeves. We get our hands dirty. We live and breathe farming. As a result, we create machines that work, machines that crank, machines that make a difference to the farms of tomorrow and to the farmers who use them. Day in. Day out.


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