CROPCOMMANDER® System combines three in one!!

  • Precision Seeding
  • Deep banding of fertilizer
  • Soil disturbance for root structure development

CROPCOMMANDER® is a precision seeding system which has been developed after extensive research by our design team in conjunction with farmers and agronomists.

The twin tine system is followed by a press wheel with variable down pressure.

The primary tine has a high breakout for deep banding and fertilizer application.

The secondary seeding tine is ground following for precision seed placement.

Compact and versatile, this precision sowing machine sets a new standard in agriculture!

  • Reduced soil throw for higher operating speeds
  • Greater trash handling ability
  • Compact and versatile! Depending on model, folds to 3.5m width for easy road travel


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What it means for you

Primary Tine (high breakout)

Fractured soil below seed line for potential root development

  • More rapid root development
  • Better fertilizer uptake
  • Less seed burn

Secondary Tine (seeding)

Advanced CROPCOMMANDER design

  • No rebound shock from primary tine to seeding tine assembly
  • Accurate ground following seed placement
  • Adjustable seed placement position
  • Optional profile press wheels with adjustable down pressure

High underframe

  • Superior design allows better flow of residue through machine

Coulter System (optional)

  • Less soil throw
  • Higher operating speeds
  • Cuts through heavy trash residue


Sowing width                  6-8m

Row spacing                    225-300mm

Transport width            From 3.5m

Tyre size                            400/60 x 22.5


Press wheel profiles

Hydraulic tine

Tow hitch

Front Coulters

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