One pass tillage tool covering a range of applications including efficient seedbed preparation, effective weed control and excellent trash incorporation.


Trash Management

Retaining trash enables moisture retention, lessens erosion and maximises nitrogen for next year’s crop. Our range includes quality TrashcutterTM systems and Easy Fit Coulters. Features include:

  • Fast & efficient operation
  • Low maintenance, hard wearing
  • Easy to operate & maintain



A precision seeding system which has been developed after extensive research by our design team in conjunction with farmers and agronomists. Compact and versatile, this precision sowing machine sets a new standard in agriculture. Combines three applications in one!

  • Precision Seeding
  • Deep banding of fertilizer
  • Soil disturbance for root structure development


Harrows & Bars

K-Line Harrows are designed and engineered for strength and versatility. Features include:

  • Quality, robust construction
  • Versatility
  • Wide range of widths & options


Hay Rakes

Designed with the needs of the Australian farmer in mind, our range of quality rakes are manufactured to the highest quality. Features include:

  • Robust construction
  • Versatile designs
  • A variety of sizes and options available


The K-Line Ag MAXXRIPPER® is the answer to your soil compaction issues.
Manufactured for breaking hard pans and deep tillage application, this machine has deep ripping tynes to break up compacted soils to a depth of approx. 600mm (23”).


The K-Line Ag THUNDERRIPPER is a heavy duty yet compact Ripper, built to shatter compacted soils and improve root penetration. It is fitted with tynes that reach deep into hard pans to break up and lift soils, allowing room for plant development, nutrient and moisture entry, and accumulation of organic materials.



The K-Line SPEEDBUSTER® is a revolutionary breakthrough, for most bed farming operations both dry land and irrigation. The system is ideal for renovating existing beds, sizing and incorporating residue, and provides a tillage solution to prepare bedded country from one crop to the next.

Due to its heavy duty construction with large 24’ disc the SPEEDBUSTER® will penetrate and aerate heavily compacted soils in preparation for seeding.


Little brother of the Speedtiller.
Tried and tested with the same strong and durable engineering and build you have come to expect from K-Line Ag.

The K-Line Ag FLEXI-MULCH is the perfect tillage machine for multipurpose use in mid-sized farming operations with 70 to 125 horsepower, 3PL tractors.

"Sustaining Farms to Sustain the World."

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