Hay Rakes

K-Line Ag has a wide range of V-hay rakes for sale that increase the efficiency of the haymaking and baling process. It allows for better hay quality and lessens soil contamination. Designed and built for Australian conditions, the K-Line Hay Rake range offers exceptional value for money.

Models include compact and inline options, with various widths and sizes available. The Delta Hay Pro is designed to minimise hay contamination, allowing you to make the highest quality hay possible. The Delta Series V-Rake is a versatile option for farmers who want more out of their raking equipment, while the Delta Compact V-Rake is a durable, economical alternative for those who want a machine that does its job, and does it well. With an extra-heavy duty design, our hay rakes ensure longevity and lower maintenance costs, suitable even in the harshest field conditions.

Robust construction and durability have become hallmarks of K-Line Ag equipment, and our range of hay rakes is no exception. We believe in putting the highest quality tools in the hands of those who know and work the land.

delta hay pro

Delta Hay Pro

The Delta Hay Pro is the latest and most advanced raking concept for quality hay producers and exporters. Heavy duty but cost effective, this rake minimises hay contamination, leaves a uniform windrow and is gentle on the leaf and hay, allowing you to make the highest quality hay possible.

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delta series v-hay rakes

Delta Series V-Rakes

The Delta Series V-Rake features safe and efficient operation while maximising hay quality and ease of baling. This v-hay rake sports multiple options, including splitter kits and hydraulic hand pumps. With its individually sprung reels and unique, double-hinged windrow width adjustment, this hay rake improves flotation on rough terrain and reduces soil contamination in your hay samples. You can also adjust the windrow width according to your baling needs.

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compact v-rake

Delta Compact V-Rake

The Delta Compact V-Rake is an economical option for farmers requiring a robust and low maintenance V-Rake. A proudly Australian-designed hay rake, it features independent reels for better haymaking and easier baling. All its pivots are bushed and non-greaseable. It is designed to meet the needs of farmers and graziers and provides excellent value for money.

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