Harrows and Bars

With a comprehensive range of rotary, and tine harrows, as well as packer bars and coil packers, K-Line has the solution. K-Line Ag’s range of rotary harrows and disc harrows are designed to increase efficiency on your farm and to speed up soil surface preparation. Heavy duty and durable, our power harrows in Australia are suited for heavy work following ploughing.

From stubble management to trash handling and weed control, K-Line Ag’s harrows are versatile, innovative pieces of machinery, ideal for a wide range of working methods, conditions and soil types.

K-Line Ag has a passion for change and innovative harrow solutions. All K-Line harrows in Australia are designed especially for Australian conditions. With durable construction and easy adjustment and operation, we can provide the complete system to suit any requirement.

spring tine harrows

Spring Tine Harrows

Our Spring Tine Harrows offer superior performance in Australian conditions. With long, 450mm tines and a wide row spacing, They allow trash to flow freely and with ease. The tine angles are completely adjustable, allowing for better flexibility in the field. This results in excellent levelling of seedbeds.

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easy fit coulter kits

Easy Fit Coulter Kits

Our Easy Fit Coulter Kits are available in heavy duty, single or double coulter assemblies. They reduce soil disturbance and allow for accurate seed placement. Robust and powerful, they are suitable for air-seeders, disc-seeders and the majority of seeder bar frames. Our coulter kits feature a swivel castor for trouble-free cornering, and adjustable spring pressure ideal for various soil types and conditions.

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modular rotary harrows

K2000 Modular Rotary Harrow

The K-Line K2000 Modular Rotary Harrow is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Our rotary harrow is for sale throughout Australia and is the ideal harrow for trash management and weed control. With its unique tine positioning, it levels and conditions various soil types efficiently.

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poly tipped harrow

K44 Poly Tipped Harrow

With high grade, hard wearing polymer tips and a fully adjustable angle, K-Line’s K44 Poly-Tipped Harrows are a durable, versatile option for improved seed-to-soil contact. The polymer tips are replaceable and robust, which maximises wear resistance and shock loading. It also comes with a durable steel drum. We developed this harrow as an addition to our K2000 Modular Rotary Harrows range.

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coil packers

7000 Series Coil Packers

Pack seedbeds more efficiently and improve germination, moisture retention and stubble management with the K-Line 7000 Series Modular Coil Packer. Our coil packer applies just the right amount of pressure for optimum seed-to-soil contact, finished with a herringbone pattern to minimise wind and water erosion. This helps you avoid crusting and washing that may occur with solid drums and roller packers.

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harrow bar

900 Series Harrow Bar

The 900 Series Harrow Bar by K-Line Ag is designed specifically for use with 90lb or 130 lb Stump Jump Harrows. Reliable, solid and robust, it is suitable for breaking down fallow, seedbed preparations and chemical incorporation, with a special lift design that is great for quick dumping when windrowing trash. It also sports a narrow transport width and a high frame clearance that makes operations on contour banks easier.

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hydraulic harrow bar

2581 Series Hydraulic Harrow Bar

Rugged, reliable, with an extra heavy duty construction the K-Line Ag 2581 SJ Hydraulic Harrow Bar is ideal for use on large broad acre fields. It features induction hardened pins specifically designed for the challenging Australian field conditions. The cables fold automatically for improved operator safety. It is the ideal choice for dumping trash.

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