Attack that track with the K-Line Ag TRACKATTACK®!

  • Leaves a level wheel track
  • Two row system ideal for working in residue with minimal bunching

The TRACKATTACK® by K-Line Ag is designed to level out wheel tracks, ruts and uneven terrain. The front row of discs cut through the ground, loosening and moving the soil onto the tram-line, then the crumbler roller follows behind breaking down the soil and cloddy dirt. This leaves the tram-line with a flat and even weed free surface, making it easier and smoother for equipment to pass.

The Background

Tramline farming is a farming system built on permanent wheel tracks where the crop zone and traffic lanes are permanently separated, to limit trafficking to designated areas rather than across a whole paddock and hence reduce soil compaction issues. It can improve profitability and sustainability, with the benefits of higher yield, better grain quality, and reduced costs and erosion.

The increased use of precision agriculture and the implementation of these controlled trafficking farming systems have proved hugely beneficial to reduce soil compaction. However, the issue of renovating and maintaining the tram-line is an ongoing problem.

Your Answer to Wheel Track Maintenance Issues

K-Line Ag has developed the answer to these tram-line maintenance issues, with the TRACKATTACK® – a simple but effective unit designed to level these wheel tracks. It leaves the track smooth when working in trash, kills any weeds growing on the track edges, and leaves an even, level tramline, which is important to ensure GPS equipment maintains consistency.

The K-Line Ag TRACKATTACK® will level paddocks quickly and efficiently, and in just one pass! Trialled and proven, it’s a sturdy and reliable machine that gets the job done.

Wheel track restoration made easy!


2830TAT 3m Renovate at 2m or 3m wheel tracks
2840TAT 4m Renovate at 2m, 3m or 4m wheel tracks

Optional 3 and 4 row Spring Tine Harrows can be attached for levelling in heavy black soils

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