The K-Line Ag SPEEDBUSTER® is a revolutionary breakthrough for most bed farming operations both dry land and irrigation. The system is ideal for renovating existing beds and sizing and incorporating residue, providing a tillage solution to prepare bedded country from one crop to the next.

Due to its heavy duty construction with large 24″ discs the SPEEDBUSTER® will penetrate and aerate heavily compacted soils in preparation for seeding.

a revolutionary breakthrough!


The K-Line Ag SPEEDBUSTER® has a variety of advantages to help address current issues in many farming operations.


What it means for you

Bearing Position: all bearings located behind the disc

Maximises trash flow and gives longer bearing life

Extra heavy weight per disc 

Ideal for penetrating heavy soils

High density rubber torsion system on disc arms

Each disc jumps separately for superior working in rough terrain and stony soils

Standard disc size 24”

Large disc digs deeper and lasts longer

Range of roller options available

Roller options to suit all soil types, giving your seedbed a level finish

Combination of weight, disc angle and bearing position

Gives you the ability to cultivate:

  1. At deeper depths, with superior trash handling or;
  2. At shallower depths, for surface mulching

Minimal Grease points

Minimises service time

Disc Arms

High capacity bearings combined with a multi-sealed labyrinth system – Gives long service life and no greasing

Disc furrow attachment 

Ideal for renovating beds in high residue conditions, leaves an even bed with minimal residue

Optional Features

  • Adjustable height disc farrows in rubber suspension – leaves a even, clean furrow when renovating beds in high residue
  • Rigid tyne adjustable furrower available

Lateral Disc Gang Adjustment

On heavy duty machines, this is a prime feature of the K-Line Speedbuster® Ease of operation this feature gives Speedbuster® operators the ability to adjust for:

  • Removing undisturbed ridges in the soil profile
  • Chopping excessive root masses
  • Increased weed kill
  • Better mulching
  • Disc wear compensation

Save fuel with the SPEEDBUSTER®

Fuel test in canola stubble in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, to renovate beds ready for sowing

Product Video

Customisable to suit YOUR Operation

  • Cotton, Cane, Cereal, Corn and Vegetable bedded crop applications
  • Models from 1.5m to 8.5m with multiple bed widths
  • 3PL and trailing configurations
  • Disc and tine furrower/hiller options
  • Crumble, rubber and spring roller options

Speedbuster® Specifications

2170D 3PL 1.7m
2140D 3PL 4m
2142F Linkage Folding 4.2m
2160D 3PL 6m
2160T Trailing, Folding 6m
2165T Trailing, Folding 6.5m
2170T Trailing, Folding 7m
2185T Trailing, Folding 8.5m

Are you preparing for seeding? Get in touch with our sales team on 1800 194 131, to find out more about the SPEEDBUSTER® and how it can help your operation!

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