Precision Cut Turf Mower

K-Line Agriculture’s Precision Cut Turf Mower is built to exceed your expectations. These revolutionary mowers are enabling large areas to be mown with the precision and quality of cut previously achieved only by smaller and slower machinery. The quality, safety and strength of our Precision Turf Mower sets a new benchmark for the turf industry.


  • Multiple clutch protection
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Individually floating decks
  • Even spread of clippings in all conditions
  • Non-rust stainless steel deck designed for easy cleaning
  • Large heavy duty rollers.(triple lip seal bearings)
  • Fully-geared drive – no belts!
  • Designed for low maintenance with bushed pivots.
  • Safety is a unique feature as it is fully- guarded to ensure the wellbeing of all.
  • 2.4 metre decks available
  • Sizes available 3100mm – 9100mm (width of cut)

"Sustaining Farms to Sustain the World."

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