K2000 Modular Rotary Harrow


The K-Line K2000 Modular Rotary Harrow is a versatile harrow ideal for a wide range of working methods, conditions and soil types.

Rotary action is excellent for stubble management, trash handling and weed control with residue being spread at top of soil profile.

Unique positioning of the tines on each harrow in 4 spirals improves the levelling and conditioning of the various soil types.

The K2000 Modular Rotary Harrows are easily fitted to most tillage implements with the range of accessories available.They are also ideal for fitting to our 2500 Series Universal Bar for stubble management and small seed establishment.

Modular Rotary Harrows

K2000 Modular Rotary Harrows Features

Proven advantages for both minimum till and conventional tillage applications:

  • Excellent for stubble retention and weed control – lifts residue out of soil profile providing a uniform mulch cover
  • Mounted – lifts and folds with your machine
  • Each module floats individually
  • Adjustable depth control – useful when sowing small seeds
  • Angle of aggression adjustable from 28 degrees to 42 degrees
  • Rotors to suit various soil types

K-Line Agriculture is constantly refining and developing a range of rotors to suit various soils types around Australia.

K22SR – Standard Rotor Module

The most widely used rotor with plenty of tine-to-soil action to condition and level soil. Approximately 70 tines per working metre at standard aggression angle.

K22RK – Rocky Rotor Module

Triangular tine rotor designed for rocky and limestone type country, well proven in harsh and stony conditions. Works well in a wide range of soil types including loams. Approximately 57 tines per working metre at standard aggression angle.

K22RI – Rice Rotor Module

Composite rotor that will manage more clay than the Standard rotor. This rotor is ideal for farms with clay & loamy soils.

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