The Proof is in the Pudding: MaxxRipper Trials

The K-Line Ag MaxxRipper is coming into its own, as customers are gathering indisputable evidence of the benefits of strategic deep ripping. Although a lot of areas haven’t shown the results expected due to poor weather conditions, results like the MaxxRipper trials below can’t be argued with!

MaxxRipper Trials: Difference Between Deep Ripping & Not!

Pictured here are the results of farm contractor Tim Davies’ canola crops in Temora NSW. Tim conducted a test on these two paddocks side by side, deep ripping one and leaving the other.  The paddock in the foreground of this photo was ripped, and the other side of the fence (the side showing more flower) was left un-ripped.

K-Line Ag MaxxRipper Trials in CanolaIn the image below, the plant on the left was from the un-ripped paddock. Comparatively, the plant in the middle is from the paddock he had ripped. The non-ripped canola was sown 8 days earlier, illustrating the growth spurt that deep ripping affords.

maxxripper trials, difference between deep ripping and not

Ripped vs Un-Ripped

Notice the horizontal roots of the smaller plant on the left, which was taken from the un-ripped paddock. J-rooting is caused when plant roots come in contact with hard pans which they struggle to break through, which means they can’t access the nutrients further down in the soil profile.

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Find out more on the K-Line Ag MaxxRipper here, or Contact Us to find out how strategic deep ripping can benefit your farming operation!

More MaxxRipper Trials & Case Studies

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K-Line Ag MaxxRipper for hireThere is currently a 9-Tine K-Line Ag MaxxRipper available in the Riverina district. Contact Tim Davies on 0409 775 351 for hire information and contact details.

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