Releasing our Latest Model: 6.25m Powerflex!

It’s official – our newest model Speedtiller Powerflex® is now available in Australia! With an operating width of 6.25m (20.5ft), this model embodies all the award-winning Powerflex advantages in a smaller machine. The smaller operating width means it suits smaller tractors, making it available to more Australian farmers.

Watch the 2 minute video below!

Combining all the Powerflex Advantages you know about…
  • Selective Dual Mode Weight Transfer System
  • Wing Down Pressure
  • Quick Adjust Lateral Disc Positioning
  • Proven Extreme Duty Disc Arm & Hubs
  • Roller Shock Protection
…in a smaller model to suit more applications!

The smaller size machine suits a lower horsepower tractor, making this machine a great option for all farming operations. Ideal for cotton and mixed vegetable growers! Its narrow transport width makes for simple road travel & easier accessibility on the farm (no more squeezing through those gates!)

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Tried & Proven

It’s been successfully trialled and running in the US for a year, and has passed in-field testing in Australia with flying colours. Click below to view video footage of the 6.25m Powerflex at work in America.

6.25m Powerflex - Demo in Corn Ground, Harlan Iowa
6.25m Speedtiller Powerflex – Demo in Corn Ground in Harlan, Iowa
6.25m Powerflex - Producing a Seedbed in Heavy Corn Trash
6.25m Speedtiller Powerflex – Producing a Seedbed in Heavy Corn Trash
Download New Powerflex Brochure Here!
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