Trash Management

With today’s emphasis on sustainable farming practices, efficient crop trash management is an important part of any sustainable farming system.
K-Line’s Australian Made range of Stubble Management systems are designed to be simple, fast & efficient with robust construction and easy adjustment & operation.

Easy Fit Coulter Kits

Our Easy Fit Coulter Kits are available in heavy duty, single or double coulter assemblies. Robust and powerful, they are suitable for air-seeders, disc-seeders and the majority of seeder bar frames. Our coulter kits feature a swivel castor for trouble-free cornering, and adjustable spring pressure ideal for various soil types and conditions.

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Efficient seedbed preparation, effective weed control and excellent trash incorporation with the only true Speedtiller®

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The Trackattack® is designed to level out wheel tracks, ruts and uneven terrain. It leaves the tram-line with a flat and even weed free surface, making it easier and smoother for equipment to pass.

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