Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems

A collaboration between CSIRO, FarmLink Research and various growers and advisors

CSIRO, FarmLink Research and various growers and advisors have been working on this project since 2013, and is due for completion this year. The aim of the project is to investigate the potential of management systems to maintain profitability when farming in full stubble retention systems.

Retaining stubble

Retaining Stubble can decrease soil erosion, increase soil water content and increase soil biological activity. In recent years, stubble retention has been a huge word in agricultural communities. More and more farmers are turning to well thought-out, mixed stubble management practices to make their farm a more profitable system. There is much debate on which system to follow and we have found through talking to our clients, that so many factors can influence the way each farmer will control their systems. Factors such as  rainfall, heat, cold, chemicals and herbicides used and how often they are applied, are all major factors in contributing to the profitability of your farm.

K-Line Ag’s involvement in this project

Two K-Line products have been involved in the FarmLink trials; the Speedtiller® & the Trashcutter™. There are some excellent fact sheets, case studies and a video series ‘Seasons in Stubble’ available on the FarmLink website and on YouTube.

Here’s a direct link to the Speedtiller® video from the Stubble Demo Day held in 2014 – commonly referred to as a high speed disc or speed tiller, you can use this tool in your strategic tillage program. A whole lot faster than the old conventional tillage tools and saves you in time, fuel & labour costs.

And here is the Trashcutter™ video from the same day. The Trashcutter is unique to K-Line and there is no other machine globally quite like it. It is designed to lay flat stubble with what we call ‘layflatters’ or ‘layflat bars’, then is followed by sharp discs that cut the stubble or trash in your field, and leaves it lying on top to preserve moisture. It does all this without disturbing the soil!

There’ll be more info to come on the trials FarmLink are holding – so keep watching for more posts as the project develops!

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