Case Study: Adaptation & Innovation on the Carey’s Coolamon Property

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An appetite for continuous improvement drives innovation on the Carey’s Coolamon property, where Speedtillers have allowed them to retain moisture by leaving stubble residue in the ground.

 “Like many mixed farmers who experienced the hardship of drought in the early 2000s, Mick Carey started to think seriously about how best to conserve moisture during that time.

In 2012, concerns about the amount of chemical required for a minimum till system led Mick and Brett to consider working the stubble into the ground… When researching possibilities, they came across the Speedtiller. They invited the rep to come out to their property and demonstrate the machine.

“We were immediately convinced,” Mick said.

Mick and Brett could see the potential of the machine [Speedtiller], and made up their mind the same day to buy it. Further discussions opened up the possibility of buying additional units and hiring them out, so they ended up buying four”

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As part of FarmLink’s project on Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble, they have conducted a number of case studies on growers in the region, who have participated in the research to identify key issues in stubble retained farming systems. Mick and Brett Carey used their Speedtiller to assist in this research examining the strategic use of tillage in conservation farming.

Click here to read the full FarmLink case study on the Carey Partnership’s farming operation at Oaklands, Coolamon NSW.

Source: FarmLink (http://www.farmlink.com.au)

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