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No, they are a sealed bearing unit complete with a 7 lip barrel
seal and 2 Labyrinth seals to provide a mechanical barrier to
dust and dirt (the most successful bearing system worldwide!)

A crumble roller is the most commonly sold roller on the
Speedtiller range, it is extremely robust, ideal for most
soil types, especially hard, dry soils with rock. It leaves an
extremely uniform level finish.
A spring roller consists of curved leaf springs mounted on a
solid pipe centre. These leaf springs flex in operation, releasing
sticky clay based soils from off the roller. This is especially
useful in working clay soils with moisture, however the spring
roller is not ideal in rocky soil conditions.

Approximately 40hp per metre of machine. However,
there are a lot of factors that influence this requirement
such as soil type, machine configuration, application and
what you’re trying to achieve.

Give our team a call on 1800 194 131 to discuss the horsepower requirements for your situation.

The difference comes down to the reels that are used on the
rake. The Delta V-Rake uses our standard rake reels, the HayPro
Reel is a different design. It is a solid poly disc with short
rubber mounted fingers on a larger diameter reel. The reel can
be set above the ground level and tipped back on an angle,
effectively giving gentle raking and limiting leaf loss, along
with reducing hay contamination from off the ground. The hay
windrow is left uniform and even, providing easy baling.

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