Flower Power: MaxxRipper Breaks New Ground in Sunflower Crop!

Growing Sunflowers as far south as Parkes NSW is a tall order.

A sunflower crop is traditionally considered difficult to grow in southern NSW districts, mainly due to low summer rainfall. NSW DPI recommends planting sunflowers into 80-100cm of wet soil to minimise the risk of crop failure*.

The K-Line Ag MaxxRipper has helped Parkes district farmers achieve results this year. Deep ripping paddocks in preparation for seeding this Sunflower crop enabled access to subsoil moisture, therefore playing an important role in yielding the crop of sunflowers shown below.

We ran trials of deep ripping verses no deep ripping prior to seeding this Sunflower crop, and the image below clearly shows these results:Crop of Sunflowers, Parkes NSW

Why not bring some sunshine into your life…  Ensure your crops have the ability to tap into moisture resources deep down!

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Read more about the K-Line Ag MaxxRipper here, or Contact Us to find out how strategic deep ripping can benefit your farming operation!


*Read the NSW DPI fact sheet on Sunflower Production Guidelines here: https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/249779/Sunflower-production-guidelines-for-the-northern-grains-region.pdf

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