Speedtiller – Australia


Speedtiller 3 Point Linkage Demo


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding in Older Pasture, New High Clearance Jump Arms


9.5m Speedtiller Powerflex – digs like a plough


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Multiflex 12.5m


Speedtiller 2930D (3m) Three Point Linkage in Keith, SA


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – New Hollow Core Crumbler Roller


K-Line Speedtiller – Central West NSW


K-Line Speedtiller – Horticulture, Coastal QLD


K-Line Speedtiller – Western Plains NSW


K-Line Speedtiller – Wheat Stubble, Central West NSW


K-Line Speedtiller 3 Point Linkage


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 1


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 2


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 3


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 4


Track Attack by K-Line Agriculture


Powerflex Concept Video


9.5m Speedtiller Powerflex working in cotton residue in the Darling downs.


Get crop ready!


Speedtiller at Corderoy’s


K-Line Ag Powerflex pulled by a John Deere

Speedtiller – USA


K-Line Speedtiller Powerflex in Action!


Speedtiller Powerflex Field Trials USA (Aust version)


K-Line Speedtiller – Arkansas USA


K-Line Speedtiller – Corn Trash Management, Arkansas


K-Line Speedtiller – Liquid Manure, Upstate New York USA


K-Line Speedtiller – Red River Valley, ND USA


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Multiflex – Wheaten Gumbo Soil, Press Ring Rollers


K-Line Speedtiller – Upstate New York, USA


K-Line Speedtiller – 3 Point Linkage 15’


K-Line Speedtiller – 3 Point Linkage on Moldboard Ground


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – Bean Ground, Crumbler Roller


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – Heavy Corn Trash


K-Line Speedtiller – Corn Stubble, Arkansas


2912P Speedtiller Powerflex® – Soybeans, Leroy ND (2)


2912P Speedtiller Powerflex® – Soybeans, Leroy ND (1)


Cut, size and mix your crop residue!


Speedtiller Powerflex preparing organic farm land for Spring cropping

Trash Management


K-Line Trashcutter DVD


K-Line Easy Fit Coulters in slow motion – fitted to CropCommander


Sizing, Slicing, Dicing



K-Line CropCommander Seeder

Harrows & Bars


K-Line K2000 Rotary Harrows in slow motion


K-Line K2000 Rotary Harrows

Precision Cut Turf Mower


K-Line Precision Cut Turf Mower DVD

Hay Rakes


K-Line Delta Hay Rake 16-Reel

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