Speedtiller – Australia


Speedtiller 3 Point Linkage Demo


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding in Older Pasture, New High Clearance Jump Arms


9.5m Speedtiller Powerflex – digs like a plough


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Multiflex 12.5m


Speedtiller 2930D (3m) Three Point Linkage in Keith, SA


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – New Hollow Core Crumbler Roller


K-Line Speedtiller – Central West NSW


K-Line Speedtiller – Horticulture, Coastal QLD


K-Line Speedtiller – Western Plains NSW


K-Line Speedtiller – Wheat Stubble, Central West NSW


K-Line Speedtiller 3 Point Linkage


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 1


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 2


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 3


Speedtiller Advantage – Part 4


Track Attack by K-Line Agriculture


Powerflex Concept Video


9.5m Speedtiller Powerflex working in cotton residue in the Darling downs.


Get crop ready!


Speedtiller at Corderoy’s


K-Line Ag Powerflex pulled by a John Deere


Burning diesel in the western plains!


Fire Breaks


Powerflex ploughing in chickpea stubble


Mixing clay in delved soils, Powerflex does it easy!


Tilln’ like a villn’


6m Speedtiller making easy work of stubble incorporation

Speedtiller – USA


Field preparation North Dakota Red River Valley


Powerflex chopping and incorporating corn stalks


Powerflex preparing organic farm land for Spring cropping


Powerflex preparing corn ground for cotton


Proven to Perform!


Breaking ground in Western Tennessee


K-Line Speedtiller Powerflex in Action!


Speedtiller Powerflex Field Trials USA (Aust version)


K-Line Speedtiller – Arkansas USA


K-Line Speedtiller – Corn Trash Management, Arkansas


K-Line Speedtiller – Liquid Manure, Upstate New York USA


K-Line Speedtiller – Red River Valley, ND USA


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Multiflex – Wheaten Gumbo Soil, Press Ring Rollers


K-Line Speedtiller – Upstate New York, USA


K-Line Speedtiller – 3 Point Linkage 15’


K-Line Speedtiller – 3 Point Linkage on Moldboard Ground


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – Bean Ground, Crumbler Roller


K-Line Speedtiller Trailing Folding – Heavy Corn Trash


K-Line Speedtiller – Corn Stubble, Arkansas


2912P Speedtiller Powerflex® – Soybeans, Leroy ND (2)


2912P Speedtiller Powerflex® – Soybeans, Leroy ND (1)


Cut, size and mix your crop residue!


Speedtiller Powerflex preparing organic farm land for Spring cropping



Trash Management


K-Line Trashcutter DVD


K-Line Easy Fit Coulters in slow motion – fitted to CropCommander


Sizing, Slicing, Dicing



K-Line CropCommander Seeder



Henry Nash maxing out his new 11 tine MaxxRipper!


Busting hardpans at Cowra with the MaxxRipper

Harrows & Bars


K-Line K2000 Rotary Harrows in slow motion


K-Line K2000 Rotary Harrows

Precision Cut Turf Mower


K-Line Precision Cut Turf Mower DVD

Hay Rakes


K-Line Delta Hay Rake 16-Reel

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